Have you avoided taking your child to the dentist because she is really scared to go? Does your child have a difficult time sitting still? Does your child need to have a lot of dental work done and can’t calmly sit through a lengthy procedure?

Dental visit

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may want to talk about sedation with the dentist. For some patients, it is the only way to get procedures done on a child. Our staff is trained in sedation techniques and will closely monitor your child throughout the sedation period.

We always provide calm, gentle reassurance to children who are anxious and fearful of having a dental exam or treatment. But some children may need more than kind words, and may require a combination of inhalation conscious sedation (nitrous oxide or laughing gas) along with a local anesthetic in order to reduce their nervousness. We use other sedation techniques as well.

See the video below for more information about sedation at our office.