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Sensitive Teeth

Children may notice their teeth are sensitive when they’re touched or when eating foods or drinks that are hot, cold, sweet, or sour. These sensations are easily transmitted to the nerves in the center of the tooth (pulp). Mild sensitivity can be caused by receded gums or a worn-down tooth.


Extreme sensitivity to temperatures or sweet or sour tastes can mean that the tooth has been injured or exposed by wear, a tooth has cracked, a deep cavity is present, or a filling has been lost. The dentist may need to perform a pulpotomy if active decay in a child’s tooth reaches the pulp. The infected areas need to be removed, and we will place a sedative medication inside the tooth to prevent sensitivity and promote healing. A stainless steel crown is placed over the tooth to maintain tooth alignment until the permanent tooth can take its place (a white-facing crown is placed on front teeth).

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